The Punk Rock Marthas formed on a high school campus in Los Angeles 2007. We volunteer alongside other community service organizations to better our community and our world, most notably serving the homeless at St Francis Center monthly since our inception, also partnering with Heal the Bay, Project Angel Food, Hollywood Arts Council and many others.

“Marthas are big on helping. The name of their group came from somebody in the Bible (the original Martha Clan Leader became a missionary in Los Angeles). But now they follow the Other Martha, Saint Martha of the Glue Gun, the lady who writes books about cheery decorations. Very Connecticut, very prep. The Marthas tackle projects and perform good deeds…they run the canned-food drive, tutor kids in the city, host a walkathon, a danceathon, and a rockingchairathon to raise money for I don’t know what. They also Do Nice Things for teachers. Gag.”
“Speak” — Laurie Halse Anderson