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In Their Own Words— Who Are the Punk Rock Marthas Video

Who are Punk Rock Marthas? With a name like ours, it’s a common question. And one best answered by the Marthas themselves in this short, amazing video by the awesome Ryan Oksenburg of Life Line Booths on Pivot TV.

High school and college students from the past seven years are interviewed about their experiences volunteering in their communities and how it has impacted their lives.

We talk a lot about youth today, but if you have 4 minutes, you might want to give them a listen. What they say might just blow you away!Click here to watch the video

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PRM Visits Egyptian Orphanages

Hello… a lot going on here at Punk Rock Martha central. We have the upcoming art show benefit for Pussy Riot as well as our recent trip to Egypt.

We visited two all grrrl orphanages in the suburbs of Cairo, Egypt, bringing them donations of clothes, school supplies, vitamins, and even a rare treat of ice cream!

Please watch this short video and help support the Amalna and Lamsit Amal Orphanages. xA