Get Involved

We are dedicated to making our community an even better place to live! We serve hot, healthy meals to our local homeless population on a regular basis, but we also raise money to buy them socks, blankets, toiletries etc… Last year we volunteered alongside St. Francis Center, APLA, Families of the Incarcerated, Adam’s Harbor and other local nonprofits. We held a bake sale to help buy some local greenspace from a developer (La Rocha Trail), we tutor elementary school kids, and we are very active with local politicians who actively listen to the concerns of their community members– so we are volunteering for the Eric Garcetti for Mayor of LA campaign, and we loooooove Tom LaBonge and Mike Feuer!

Anji, founder of Punk Rock Marthas and Eric Garcetti, LA mayoral candidate and Hollywood city councilmember extraodinaire.



Distributing food on Skid Row (which we don't do anymore because they ticket you--- don't get me started...!)


Volunteering at Divine Design to benefit Project Angel Food