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Kellyn: Why I Volunteered With the Hollywood Arts Council

PR Marthas at the Spirit of Old Hollywood Benefit

PR Marthas at the Spirit of Old Hollywood Benefit

The Hollywood Arts Council hosted a incredible event to fund raise and provide more resources for schools all around Hollywood who have limited or no arts funds/programs. These awesome and giving people’s event in the old Hollywood spirit also welcomed new members to the wonderful Arts Council.

The Hollywood Arts Council provides resources for local elementary schools to keep supporting the wonderful arts. The HAC provides programs that may influence kids to become artists or simply help kids stay involved with different art programs, like as acting, dancing, theatre, and visual perspectives, as well.

This benefit was so amazing to give back to the community and provide everyone the advantages and privilege to express themselves in any artistic form. Going to a visual and performing arts school is so amazing, and volunteering to help other children in other schools have the same experience felt great! Everyone should have the wonders of being artistic !!!

–Kellyn, HS Senior

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We’re Hosting An Art Show!

We are hosting an art show to benefit which will help assuage some of the legal fees for imprisoned members of the Russian punk band, Pussy Riot.

Los Angeles/New York based artist, Gregory Siff donated two pieces for the show. A piece from street artist Giacomo Farina in Italy will be for sale, in addition to lots of other local artists, including some of the Punk Rock Marthas. In honor of Earth Month, some artists are using recycled materials. There will also be cool merchandise for sale.

Opening reception will be Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 5-7 at Harmony Gallery 5911 Franklin Blvd in Hollywood. $5 suggested door donation. If you have any questions, please email See you there!!

PRM Art Show