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Why We Support Eric Garcetti for Mayor

We formed 5 years ago on a new high school campus in Hollywood, in Eric’s City Council District. At the time, we were building school spirit and doing community service. We grew, our projects grew, our mission grew, and Eric Garcetti has been supportive every step of the way. He has come on to high school campuses and participated in class discussions for years. If you don’t know the impact of a high five from your local City Councilmember to a high school student trying to do right, then it would be hard to explain why his enthusiasm has been so important to us.
Anybody who has watched Hollywood, Silverlake and Echo Park the past decade knows the benefit of Eric’s leadership first hand. He didn’t do it alone, and no one is claiming that he did– but he worked alongside a lot of people, and that is all the more impressive. We love both the Hollywood City Councilmembers– but only one is on the ballot for mayor.

We’ve continued to serve the homeless at least once a month for five years, not even in Eric’s District, but he can tell you about it. When we did various fundraisers or needed the a wall pressure washed for a pretty awesome origami mural, Eric always asked, “How can I help?” It shouldn’t be a big deal that local politicians keep a pulse on what’s going on in their districts, and it shouldn’t be a big deal that they are supportive—but it is a big deal. LA is the second largest city in America, and a small group of do-gooders may be good for your community, but they’re not going to dump six figures into your campaign to run commercials for you.

But we can canvass. And we can flashmob. And we can tell you how awesome Eric Garcetti is for his community. In fact, I think we just did.

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